Adventure Capital Industry Event, ACES Vegas, Focuses on the Currency Wars

Adventure Capital Industry Event, ACES Vegas, Focuses on the Currency Wars

Adventure Capital announced its upcoming event for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, titled “The Hidden Forces behind the Currency Wars: The Battle for Control in the New Decentralized Global Economy.”

ACES Vegas Summary

Taking place at the Palazzo Casino Resort in Las Vegas, December 6th through 9th, this Entertainment Symposium (ACES Vegas) will bring together cryptocurrency enthusiasts, market makers, enterprise tech leaders, investors and seminal minds to discuss the myriad of forces currently at play in the cryptocurrency markets. ACES Vegas will host approximately 40 symposium sessions, as well as several thought-provoking keynotes and other interactive and exciting activities, in an entertainment symposium environment designed to discover and reveal the hidden forces behind the currency wars. 

Crypto 2018: Industry Bubble or Currency War? 

Of course, the success of such a conference is predicated on the fact that there actually is a currency war; and any perusal of mainstream media would quickly reveal 2018’s crypto market crash and ongoing stagnation is merely the manifest effects caused by the market bubble. In 2017, innumerous news articles predicted the cryptocurrency bubble, while incessant articles throughout 2018 closely covered its freefall. And in fact, since the Bitcoin futures markets opened in December 2017, the average coin decreased by 90% (from about 1500 coins covered by CoinMarketCap since December); whereas Bitcoin decreased over 75%, from about $20,000 to around $6,200, while numerous others faded away.

According to Adventure Capital, on the other hand, the cryptocurrency market is far too complex than to whitewash 2018 as the effect of a bubble, which is why the company is hosting the event toward that end. According to Todd Mortenson, one of the company’s founders, “There are more levels at play in this market than first meets the eye; and labeling the 2018 market collapse and ongoing depression as the effect of a bubble obscures inquiry. Free market theory comes up short in framing the recent cryptocurrency movements. Although regulation, legislation and news were significant factors, astute metrics run deeper. Globally, throughout 2018, economies, institutions, funds, emerging enterprises, bankers and individual investors have been entering the market, making this an exciting time of growth and expansion for the industry—a sign that the “smart money” believes blockchain and the cryptocurrencies hold tremendous promise. Even since, December 2017, when CoinMarketCap covered about 1,400 coins, nearly a thousand cryptocurrencies left the market, yet the tracking firm now covers over 2000 coins.” 

Mortenson continues, “When you analyze the market, the proliferating ICOs, government and gov agency repeals and new money entrants with funds, investment banks and venture firms—even now, it appears as though demand is increasing. Still, the market remains stagnant—with Bitcoin wobbling somewhere between $6,000 and $7,500—almost as if there’s artificial suppression. What is, is oftentimes deeper than what appears.” 

Numerous other industry professionals and market leaders believe that the 2018 crash and ongoing market stagnation are the effects of a vicious battle caused by an established guard protecting its turf—such as, currencies, capital markets, money markets, derivative markets, financial services, card services—from imminent decentralization and democratization; so nation states, governments, gov agencies, central banks, financial service industry, corporate oligarchies, media-news and other financial elite went to war. But is this the case? According to one article by John McAfee, ‘Whether you know it as a war [against crypto] or not, it is, in fact, a war.’ 

The Conflict: Control of the New Decentralized Economy 

And many other professional cryptocurrency market leaders, industry pundits and even keynote speakers claim that there is a vicious battle raging against crypto. But what is the surprise? Real money—better yet, actual purchasing power together with interdependent resources and institutions—is at stake, such as central banking, financial services, public markets, merchant-card services, among other bases of economic power; and the foundations and mechanisms for any centralized control in this decentralized world are illusory, at best, or some would think. So perhaps it is not so much a battle against cryptocurrency—the players on both sides clearly understand that cryptocurrency is here to stay—as a battle (just adjust the mainstream media tone) for control of those platforms, currencies, resources and tools which will, in fact, wield true economic power in the future: When the best of times, such as they were at the sweetest of moments, disappears altogether, the strong go elsewhere while the weak go under.

Yet even if central banks, financial services organizations, corporate oligarchies or some financial elite, working together with government agencies media and news agencies, are fighting against these new decentralized financial markets and resources, all the while they establish their own cryptocurrency market strongholds—how is this war organized and where is the actual battle taking place. Certainly, there was no Declaration of War; though, reams disparage the industry. 

Demarcation Lines & Battle Fronts in a Decentralized World

According to Scott Bayless, another company founder, “Given there is a war, while the offensive appears strategic with timely maneuvers in legislation, regulations, media news, and the like, the actual front takes place on a decentralized, global network, where skirmishes are obscure. In other words, even if pressure from media, legislation, regulation, or the like weaken demand, someone in this decentralized global market has to pull that trigger (in this case, sell at a lesser price, and another must buy).” 

Bayless continued, “But determining combatants in this decentralized world is more than illusive: every person and entity behind every cryptocurrency trade is hidden behind a cryptographic address within a blockchain of transactions, while any trade can be processed by any person at any location around the globe; and all digital assets can be held, sent or sold to anyone, anywhere, at any time through either public or obfuscated blockchains—no matter which side of the battle they are on, if any. Furthermore, any person, anywhere, can issue a currency and build market support, which may or may not gain momentum; while any competing force, through social media, market manipulation or other means can fight that momentum. Although one would think crypto world is filled with bullish crypto enthusiasts, can one really descern who’s the person buying and selling, or what is the purpose behind that order? So, add another layer to the competitive landscape.” 

Hidden Forces Behind the Currency Wars

While transactions and players may always be obscure, determining market forces may also be misleading; as traditional market analysis, models and metrics quickly deconstruct in any crypto market analysis: earnings, P/E ratios, multiples and other metrics crumble under pressures from news, regulation, legislation, social media or futures and derivative market effects, all of which put pressure on the guy or gal in the field selling the coin. 

On the other hand, statements abound, in the typical crypto chat group, that some financial elite has found a way to depress the market and cause its current modicum cycles. But even if this were the case, what benefit would one side have by subduing a market which is inevitable? Perhaps, as one speculated, a new financial playground revolves around bridling the market with futures and derivatives, and then profiting from controlled volatility. Perchance, another thought, allowing Bitcoin to increase to an unprecedented market cap (McAfee’s $1 million Bitcoin would put the market cap at about $21 quadrillion) would prevent any possible means to lever that volatility, which would then keep that group from profiting from the manipulated volatility. But, of course, these may be peer speculation. 

Commenting on the current market conditions, Bayless states, “Crypto market dynamics are quite interesting, especially in relation to Bitcoin’s price these days, which appears to oscillate to untimely cycles of crests and troughs, while altcoins magnify that effect. To draw an analogy, liken Bitcoin to the keeper on whip, where movements in price resemble kinetic waves through the thon of that whip, with the most volatile coins, ordered in lesser degrees of magnitude, nearest the lash. When Bitcoin moves, the entire industry sets in reverberating motion. So, no doubt, timing these waves is the conundrum of the common crypto investor: placing timely orders yield returns; missteps, a lashing. Or in another analogy, determining when ‘the tide is high’ is paramount to success, as any good sailor embarks when, to cite an old bard: 

There is a tide in the affairs of men, 

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; 

Omitted, all the voyage of their life 

Is bound in shallows and in miseries. 

On such a full sea are we now afloat, 

And we must take the current when it serves, 

Or lose our ventures.

Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare

No wonder, discerning the hidden forces behind the currency wars is the Gordian Knot of the industry.” 

Hence, with all this upward momentum surrounding the depressed crypto markets these days, those market professionals, pundits and keynote speakers, together with the social media folk, may be inferring that if there’s an invisible hand in the market, perhaps it’s that unobservable market force that, in overpowering free market influences, compels supply and demand to reach an artificial equilibrium, as one who found as a nest the riches of the people, like one who gathered eggs, gathered all the earth, while none moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped. On the other hand, this may be going too far. 

ACES Vegas: Answering an Industry Need for Industry Discussion 

So, the questions, “Who?”, “What”, “Where?”, “When?”, “How?” or even “Why?” beckons sound market analysis on the one hand yet reeks with specious actors and erroneous theories on the other.Adventure Capital, however, thinks questions like these need a professional, open forum for such industry investigation, rather than residing on some sketchy webpages, chat groups or blogs, which may be labeled conspiratorial and quickly dismissed or blocked.

According to Mortenson, “Labeling today’s crypto market as the result of a market bubble, evoking conspiracy theories hinders sound, rational analysis. These are real topics that should be astutely explored in interactive, open forums. We don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories, and this conference is not about conspiracies.”

Mortenson continued, “We are not established to police the industry, nor are we a whistleblower. Rather, we support open industry discussion, debate and examination without constraint, which is a basic inalienable right and liberty. And we want the industry to investigate these questions in a fun and exciting environment, which is why we founded Adventure Capital and ACES Vegas.” 

The Forum: Open Symposiums Sessions

And, of course, that is what Aces Vegas is set out to do. If anything, the Internet brought transparency over the past 20 years; and ACES Vegas, with its proposed open and interactive symposium setting, will contribute to that tradition. At ACES Vegas, symposium sessions and keynotes—hosted by industry experts, expert panels, and event attendees—will delve into the cryptocurrency industry and market forces.” 

The symposium sessions will explore and analyze these subjects and interrelated topics, but so attendees will leave with more answers to questions and a better awareness of how the industry operates, together with more strategies and a keenness to help them participate in the market. 

Commenting on the upcoming event, Topal Orhatoz, an avid crypto investor who will be attending the upcoming event, “Upon reflection, I’d have to say the crypto market is quite cryptic; so, I am rather excited to join these symposiums to explore the hidden forces in the market, although attaining such knowledge may be a bit more perplexing than one typically thinks. It appears that a true knowledge of the inner workings and mechanisms for success might be likened to those who understand geometry and can hypothesize about geometrical signs and symbols, reasoning and theorizing with the like, while the rest of us, not considering those first principles, grope for the walls as if we had no eyes, mistakenly hearing those conversations without the higher reasoning. So, if the symposium sessions can shed any light on the true workings of these forces, perhaps attendees, like me, will leave with a few models or forms to help secure our own economic liberty—the ideal upon which, I believe, the republic in which we live was built.”

ACES Vegas’ symposium sessions will go far beyond typical white linen tables surrounded by uncomfortable chairs, where people find it difficult to cross ridged personal barriers. Sessions will be hosted in executive lounges with relaxing atmospheres, comfortable chairs, drinks and refreshments, so people can let their guard down and share real and valuable knowledge. 

According to Bayless, “When conceiving our vision, we quickly realized that understanding the hidden forces behind the currency wars was too far-reaching and deep for industry lectures: we certainly didn’t want attendees to leave one by one, confused, as though attending Plato’s lecture on the good (and not that we could even give such lectures).So, the idea arose that it may be good, as a first principle, to arrange symposiums where attendees could discuss ideas, as one, and separately, in an open dialectic, where perhaps with ease ascend toward higher principles, or delve into deeper ideas and truths, as with a shining light in darkness, to uncover and reveal the hidden forces behind the currency wars.” 

So, in designing the venue, the founders of Adventure Capital imagined a symposium held at an ancient Greek seaside mansion where hidden truths were revealed among friends; but while those symposiums may have been gatherings on how to establish a republic, meaning, laws or philosopher kings, ACES Vegas will explore the hidden forces behind these currency wars, as the dialectic here too could run just as deep. And to replace the sea, ACES Vegas would embellish the event with exciting activities for fun. 

Orhatoz continued, “In delving into the hidden forces, hopefully attendees will learn to descern between that ever so subtle, yet divided line between the obscure and intelligible forces. Perhaps through this knowledge, attendees will be less likely to cave into the ever-present peril of reasoning with shadows and images in their turn as reflections of intelligible forces (that is, not discerning what is, in fact, is), while some banking or corporate elite systematically sweeps the remaining crypto crumbs off the table and into their pockets. Overall, I suppose this will become an ongoing conversation, as deep as the topic is; so, I’m already excited for the next evert!” 

Inviting Industry to Host Symposium Sessions

Overall, the symposium sessions are designed to give attendees a chance to help build the itinerary, so all attendees will participate either by hosting symposium sessions or contributing to their success, which is gaining a better understanding of hidden forces behind the currency wars. 

Register for Symposium Sessions

Visit the Adventure Capital website to register or apply to host an interactive symposium session. To ensure quality and thought-provoking sessions, applications go through a vetting process, where qualified leaders will be invited on a First Come First Serve Basis to host sessions while Adventure Capital will provide the forum (included in the application fee). 

Adventure Capital also offers specialized design and marketing plans for sessions in case any leaders want to outshine their peers. 

VIP Access

ACES Vegas offers all-inclusive VIP attendance, which comes with limo rides, luxury suites, amazing dining, and fun and exciting activities. Visit the Adventure Capital website to for VIP Access details. 

About Adventure Capital

Adventure Capital was founded with the vision to provide entertainment symposium events, where participation, interactivity, shared conversation and organizational relationships and networks are integral to the new decentralized economy. ASES Vegas is the first of several planned annual events that will take place in Macau, Monte Carlo and other select worldwide locations: 

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