A-ListPro is a New iOS App designed exclusively for Appointment-based Service Businesses

A-ListPro is a New iOS App designed exclusively for Appointment-based Service Businesses

Manage and organize clients, streamline service delivery and automate payment processing, marketing, bookkeeping and more for under $1/day.

DELAWARE, OHIO - 03/05/2018 — A-List Enterprises, LLC is pleased to announce the official launch of A-ListPro, the first iOS app designed exclusively for appointment-based service businesses.  A-ListPro integrates virtually every essential business management function in one easy-to-use tool, freeing solopreneurs to focus on their clients and grow their bottom line.

Founder Jeff Johnston is a Columbus, Ohio entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience developing business management software for the healthcare industry (Definitive Homecare Solutions / CPR+ - Complete Patient Records). After selling CPR+ for over $40 million, Jeff began working on his latest venture, A-ListPro, a business management app for self-employed service providers.

Available now on the App Store, A-ListPro is designed for personal trainers, academic tutors, private coaches, massage therapists, pet care professionals, lawn care providers, independent hair stylists, car detailers, charter captains and virtually any other self-employed service provider.

During the design phase, Jeff interviewed dozens of independent service providers from many different industries and learned that nearly all struggled with the everyday operational tasks necessary to run and grow. Frequently cited pain points included tracking, communicating and following up with clients, keeping them engaged, selling repeat service, scheduling, documenting service delivery, invoicing, collections, marketing, bookkeeping and more. Jeff believed that no business should struggle (or fail…) due to an inability to master these critical functions.

A-ListPro gives solopreneurs the same level of efficiency and automation that businesses 100 times as large take for granted, allowing them to spend far less time on tedious administrative tasks, concentrating instead on providing outstanding service to their clients and growing their bottom line. 

Core features include an easy-to-use “dashboard” displaying the user’s scheduled client services, other appointments, tasks due and even the day's weather. Detailed client profiles, auto-generated service reminders, integration with the Square POS app, robust reporting and much more round out the app.  For services providers who are constantly on the move, A-ListPro puts the power of a sophisticated business management program right on their iPhone. 

Offered with a free, 30-day trial, A-ListPro is available for download today on the App Store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-listpro/id1176554657.

To learn more, visit www.alistpro.com or send an email to support@alistpro.com.

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