0% THC From Impact Sports CBD Supplements a Step up in the Game

0% THC From Impact Sports CBD Supplements a Step up in the Game

London - 12/10/2020 — The Cutting-edge CBD Sports Supplement company, powered by CiiTECH Ltd cannabis, has worked with a variety of experts and athletes to develop a new pro-athlete range of products.

9 December 2020; London, UK – IMPACT Sports has officially launched IMPACT Pro CBD 0% THC range for athletes seeking to harness the power of CBD-infused spray oils. The all-new Pro delivers users high-quality CBD oil in an easy-to-use spray. Athletes can use the food supplement as part of their diet to maintain their athletic performance.

Research has found that CBD products support athletes in multiple areas. One of the biggest issues athletes face when using CBD products, however, is the THC content in some CBD products out there which may show up on drug tests. IMPACT Sports’ 0% THC range ensures athletes get all of the great benefits of using broad-spectrum CBD oils without the THC.

WADA Sports says “CBD is not prohibited; however, athletes should be aware that some CBD oils and tinctures extracted from cannabis plants, may also contain THC and other cannabinoids that could result in a positive test for a prohibited cannabinoid.”

Athletes are turning to CBD supplements that are 0% THC as a means of support through rigorous training, competition, and games. We now see not only athletes but also teachers, doctors, and the army turning to CBD as a support tool and using WADA to understand what is legal.

IMPACT Sports combines the experience and expertise of professional athletes from a variety of backgrounds. The company uses the personal and professional experiences of its team, together with industry experts to develop products designed specifically for athletes from all levels. 

The new IMPACT Pro Range supports this mission and takes into account WADA, Informed Sports, and the Novel Foods regulations to create a 0% THC range of IMPACT Pro products that pro-athletes can rely on. The Pro oil range took 18 months to develop together with TTS Pharma Ltd and comes with assured advice, meaning it fully complies with the expected 2021 UK regulations for the sale of non-psychoactive cannabis products. 

Each 10ml bottle of IMPACT Pro contains 60 sprays. The broad-spectrum CBD formula comes with 0% THC and has been laboratory tested by third parties to verify IMPACT Pro’s authenticity. For more information on IMPACT Sports or to purchase IMPACT Pro, please visit https://www.impactsports.uk/.

About IMPACT Sports

IMPACT Sports combines CiiTECH knowledge in Cannabis research and consumer products with their passion for fitness, sport, and nutrition. The company has built a team of experts from a wide range of professions. IMPACT Sports has also worked with fitness novices from all walks of life to better understand how all athletes are incorporating CBD supplements in their regime and how it can be improved. Using their vast knowledge, IMPACT Sports has created a dynamic range of products with its premier item being the new 0% THC IMPACT Pro spray oil.

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